Review: The Cereal Killer Cafe

The Cereal Killer Cafe has been around in London for a while and I have always wanted to go. The other week I was walking in Birmingham when I suddenly walked straight past one, I didn’t even realise they had built one there! I was so excited to go so I asked my friend Chloe to go with me.

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Chocolate Protein Shake

I have a real love for anything related to fitness and food. I wanted to create something which can be made if you are a regular gym goer wanting to help your sore muscles after your workout or give you some energy before your workout. However, I also wanted to create something which can be for people trying to get a healthier lifestyle whilst still craving those sweet indulgences.

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My quick go to breakfast!

I always struggle to find a quick breakfast before I have to rush off to work in the morning, most importantly making me feel satisfied for a few hours. I quickly became bored with the same eggs, toast, bacon and cereals that I was having every day and wanted to change it up so I decided to try something completely different!

There’s only 3 ingredients used in this tasty, healthy and nutritious breakfast option… Fat free greek yoghurt, raspberries and granola. This breakfast is low fat and even low sugar!

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