Pop Of Colour Eye Look  

There’s a massive trend of using neutral, bronze and warm tones on the eyes. I wanted to add something a bit different to this trend and incorporate a pop of colour that you could wear day to day too.

All the makeup I have used in this tutorial is from the high street! predominately from Superdrug (my favourite). So you can create this look for less money! Carry on reading if you want to know how I achieved it.

I am using the Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette for the majority of this look. I love this palette as it has a range of different shades so you can create so many looks with it. The best thing is it is only £8.00 and the pigmentation is so good for such a cheap palette!



Step 1

First I set my lid with the shade ‘Paper’ which enables me to seamlessly blend other colours on top! I then put the shade ‘Almost There ‘ in the crease and slightly above.

IMG_04591 (1)


Step 2

Next I put the shade ‘Pure Chocolate’ on the outer V of my eye which makes it look more dramatic and smoked out. I followed this by putting the shade ‘Copper Shimmer’ all over the lid using my finger, as I find this gives off the best pigment with this palette. You could use any other bronze shades on the lid if you wanted to!


IMG_5885      IMG_5887

Step 3

For the pop of colour, I put the MUA eyeliner in the shade ‘royal blue’ in my water line. This eyeliner was only £1 and is honestly so good! It lasts a good few hours! It might not last all day but how can you complain for £1?! They have lots of different shades too so you could use another colour in the waterline too if you didn’t want to use the blue! I added the shade ‘Soft Glow’ in my inner corners and on my brow bone to make my eyes look wider and my brow bone more lifted.




Step 4

Lastly I curled and coated my top and bottom lashes generously with the L’Oréal volume million lashes mascara. I love this mascara as it gives your lashes a good amount of volume and length!




There you have it my pop of colour makeup look! This look is so easy but it looks really put together. Be a bit different from the normal bronze trend!

Until next time!

Lauren x


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