Review: The Cereal Killer Cafe

The Cereal Killer Cafe has been around in London for a while and I have always wanted to go. The other week I was walking in Birmingham when I suddenly walked straight past one, I didn’t even realise they had built one there! I was so excited to go so I asked my friend Chloe to go with me.

The decor is so cool and gives off a good vibe, it is so colourful and friendly which invites you in! They have beds for you to sit on in front of tables in some areas which I thought was just such a good and different idea! Of course they have normal chairs too. I loved looking round at the decor.



The staff seemed nice and friendly, we had no troubles with them at all. We took our order with ease and got our order very fast.

The menu has so many different options to choose from, cereals, pop tarts, toast, etc. I can’t even tell you how many cereals there are to choose from, the shelves on the wall are COVERED in different cereals from the UK, USA and internationally too. For the cereal you can either choose a cereal cocktail which is made up by them or you can make your own bowl and choose different cereals and toppings.

17622946_1317403938305324_581866918_o.jpg       17670730_1317403981638653_1370181981_o

My friend Chloe had ‘Unicorn Poop’ which is ricicles, party rings, marshmallow fluff, 100’s & 1000’s and of course milk, she loved it. I made my own cereal bowl and had Smorz (an (american cereal), cookie crisp (a famous UK cereal) and then topped it with Oreo’s and milky stars. It was just delicious!

We both also had a pop tart each. I opted for the chocolatey caramel & Chloe opted for the cinnamon swirl. Again, there were so many flavours to choose from. We then shared a Happy Hippo Maltshake which is a bit like a milkshake but had cereal, whipped cream and happy hippos on the top! So tasty.

17668778_1317403884971996_2051833480_o      17622553_1317403748305343_1591871594_o


Now for the prices, I know this is something that is discussed quite a lot. I personally don’t think it is bad at all. I mean, you aren’t going to come here everyday but it’s a novelty so its nice. The cereal cocktails range from £4.10 – £4.90. Making your own obviously depends but they range from £2.60 – £4.50 depending what cereals you have and the size of bowl.

I know you could buy your own cereals and toppings for so much less but its nice to go out and have it made for you and get a good vibe with everyone eating and enjoying different cereals. You can also try so many new cereals you’ve never tried before that come from all across the world!

I honestly recommend this place to anyone! It’s located between the link from Grand Central station to Debenhams.

Let me know if you have tried The cereal killer cafe and what you thought of it!

Lauren x

All photos taken by myself.



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