My best ab exercises

I really enjoy training my abdominal muscles at the gym. I know I’m not perfect at ab exercises but I know they definitely work and I feel the burn. I’ve seen an improvement on my stomach and its slowly becoming a little bit more toned although it’s definitely one of the hardest muscles to show. Here are some ab movements you could do either at the gym or at home:

Exercise 1: Flutter Kicks

Lie down on a yoga mat or even just on the carpet if you are at home. With a slight bend of your knees, raise your legs about 6 inches off the ground. Alternately raise and lower the legs keeping your feet elevated 6 inches off the ground. Remember to keep your core tight. On the video I have included I have also done a different variation where you cross your legs over. The same rules apply.

Exercise 2: Seated Knee Tuck

Lie on a mat with your arms by your side and your body sitting up. Your torso should be leaning back about 45 degrees and your legs stretched and elevated off the floor. Bring in the knees towards you as you move your torso closer to them at the same time. After a second pause go back to the starting position.

Exercise 3: Vertical Leg Crunch

Lie down on your back with your legs extended straight into the air. Your legs should be kept straight, although this is something you will see in the video I struggle with. Lift your torso up towards your knees and as you do this try to touch your toes or just reach up.

Exercise 4: Swiss Ball Plank Roll Ins

You need to use a swiss ball for this exercise. Place your lower shins on top of the ball, I climb over the ball as its easier for me but you could lie in front of it and place your shins on that way. Your legs should be fully extended and the upper body should be in a push up position being supported by your arms in front of you. Keeping your back completely straight and the upper body still, pull your knees in towards your chest allowing the ball to roll forward. Squeeze your abs and hold the position for a second then return back. I normally repeat for 8/10 times.

Exercise 5: Up & Down Plank

Start with a normal plank position. Your body should be in a straight line from shoulders to ankles and resting your weight onto your forearms. Push one hand on the floor and lift up then place the other until both arms are extended. Then lower yourself back down to the plank position. Keep your core tight and repeat.

Exercise 6: Swiss Ball V pass

Lie face up on the floor, holding a swiss ball overhead with both hands, your legs together and extended straight on the floor. Keeping your core tight, lift your arms and legs off the ground and place the ball between your feet. Squeeze the ball in your legs and lower your arms and legs to the ground. Repeat, passing the ball back to your hands.

Here is a video to show the exercises!

Hope you enjoy these exercises!

Lauren x






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