My top beauty find for £1! 

I’m always on the hunt for a good beauty product that is a bargain, especially products I use numerous times. A few months ago I went into my local Poundland buying a few necessities when I came across these Revlon false eyelashes. I’d never seen them before in any other high street stores like Superdrug/Boots. I decided to pick a pair up to test them out. There are 3 different styles called ‘Define’ ‘Volumize’ and ‘Lengthen’. I opted for the define style to try out first. I brought some Eylure eyelash glue from Superdrug to test them out with.

eyelashes define  eyelashes lengthen  eyelashes volumize

I wore them on a night out and I was totally obsessed! They were so comfortable and didn’t come off once. They looked amazing on my eyes and definitely weren’t too dramatic or false looking! I decided to go back and purchase the other two pairs. I love the Volumize ones too, they are shorter in the inner corner and flutter out towards the edges. Lengthen are nice but probably my least favourite, they are quite dramatic. Define are 100% my favourite!!


define lashes


lengthen lashes


volumize lashes

I really think you need to go out and find these and try them! They are amazing and for £1 you can buy lots pairs and it doesn’t matter if you only wear them once! I normally get about 4/5 wears out of them.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my £1 beauty find!

Lauren x


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