How I Got Whiter Teeth

I’ve never really been that conscious of my teeth but looking at them recently I have noticed them looking slightly more discoloured. I think eating a lot more fruit and drinking tea frequently has slowly started to wear away at them and stain them. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a teeth whitening kit so I did my research on teeth whitening toothpaste which were claiming to make your teeth whiter in a few weeks.

After researching and looking at different reviews I brought ‘Pearl Drops Flawless White’ from Superdrug which was on offer for around £3.25, it is normally supposed to be £6.99. I know that pearl drops has been around for years and they have quite a selection of different toothpaste but I opted for the flawless white.

This toothpaste tastes like any other mint toothpaste but it just has a slight gritty texture compared to normal toothpaste, but this didn’t bother me. Even after the first brush my mouth felt cleaner and I even thought my teeth looked more shiny. I have been brushing my teeth with this toothpaste twice a day for about 3 weeks and I have definitely seen a massive difference. I didn’t realise how different until I took my results photos.


I always look at other results photos thinking are the results real or not and wonder if they have edited their photos. I can assure you that these results photos are completely authentic and zero editing has been done to either of the photos.

I know I don’t have that Hollywood smile everyone longs for but for the price of the toothpaste you can’t complain compared to prices of teeth whitening kits and professional teeth whitening!

I will continue to use this toothpaste in the future!  I 100% recommend it to anyone! I definitely want to try some of the other toothpaste in the pearl drops range too.

Lauren x

All photos taken by myself – Lauren Hill Photography

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