My quick go to breakfast!

I always struggle to find a quick breakfast before I have to rush off to work in the morning, most importantly making me feel satisfied for a few hours. I quickly became bored with the same eggs, toast, bacon and cereals that I was having every day and wanted to change it up so I decided to try something completely different!

There’s only 3 ingredients used in this tasty, healthy and nutritious breakfast option… Fat free greek yoghurt, raspberries and granola. This breakfast is low fat and even low sugar!

IMG_4369 cropped.jpg

I used ‘0% Fage Greek yoghurt‘. It is fat free, high in protein and suitable for vegetarians. It is also extremely low in sugar only having 4g of sugar per 100g. This yoghurt doesn’t have a great deal of sweetness so you could add a small amount of honey if you wanted.

Raspberries are fat-free along with natural sugars and have a great source of fibre which helps towards digestion. They are very tasty! Also they are one of your 5 a day!

I used ‘Morrisons Simply Granola’. Granola is just crunchy toasted oats but are delicious. This granola has a small hint of honey which will also give you that bit of sweetness. They are fairly high in carbohydrates which means they can help keeping you fuller for longer.

Hope you all enjoy trying my quick go to breakfast!

Lauren x

All the photos are taken by myself – Lauren Hill photography.

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