Pop Of Colour Eye Look  

There’s a massive trend of using neutral, bronze and warm tones on the eyes. I wanted to add something a bit different to this trend and incorporate a pop of colour that you could wear day to day too.

All the makeup I have used in this tutorial is from the high street! predominately from Superdrug (my favourite). So you can create this look for less money! Carry on reading if you want to know how I achieved it. Continue reading


Review: The Cereal Killer Cafe

The Cereal Killer Cafe has been around in London for a while and I have always wanted to go. The other week I was walking in Birmingham when I suddenly walked straight past one, I didn’t even realise they had built one there! I was so excited to go so I asked my friend Chloe to go with me.

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My best ab exercises

I really enjoy training my abdominal muscles at the gym. I know I’m not perfect at ab exercises but I know they definitely work and I feel the burn. I’ve seen an improvement on my stomach and its slowly becoming a little bit more toned although it’s definitely one of the hardest muscles to show. Here are some ab movements you could do either at the gym or at home: Continue reading

My top beauty find for £1! 

I’m always on the hunt for a good beauty product that is a bargain, especially products I use numerous times. A few months ago I went into my local Poundland buying a few necessities when I came across these Revlon false eyelashes. I’d never seen them before in any other high street stores like Superdrug/Boots. I decided to pick a pair up to test them out. There are 3 different styles called ‘Define’ ‘Volumize’ and ‘Lengthen’. I opted for the define style to try out first. I brought some Eylure eyelash glue from Superdrug to test them out with. Continue reading

Chocolate Protein Shake

I have a real love for anything related to fitness and food. I wanted to create something which can be made if you are a regular gym goer wanting to help your sore muscles after your workout or give you some energy before your workout. However, I also wanted to create something which can be for people trying to get a healthier lifestyle whilst still craving those sweet indulgences.

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